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Marion County

Project Auction

4-H Members must notify the 4-H Fair Office of what they intend to sell NO LATER than 8:00 pm on the Thursday of the Fair.  Livestock photos also need to be taken by this time. 

4-H Project Auction:


  1. Any 4-H member NOT selling livestock or a project may sell a project item exhibited at the fair.
  2. Only those items receiving a purple, blue or red ribbon may be sold. White ribbon items may not be sold.
  3. 4-H members may sell only one item.
  4. 4-H members must be present to sell their items.
  5. No live animals may be sold in the project auction.
  6. Weight Guidelines MUST be followed.
  7. Perishable items such as food and garden items MUST BE replaced with fresh items for the sale.
  8. The project item sold must have been judged at the current years fair.
  9. Members must notify the 4-H fair office of what they intend to sell NO LATER than the listed intent to sale deadline. Photos must be taken by this deadline to go through the project auction.
  10. When you have sold your project item it no longer belongs to you. Therefore that item cannot be exhibited at any other fair; including the State Fair.