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Marion County

 World of Difference

Do you want the opportunity to help grow true leaders in your community by empowering young people with leadership, citizenship, and life skills?  Sign up to become a Marion County 4-H Volunteer!  Volunteer opportunities are flexible to fit your availability, skill set, and interests.  You could help a 4-H'er discover a new project.  You could launch a career.  The return on your investment is something that money can't buy.

Kansas 4-H uses the screening process described below to help ensure a safe learning environment for our 4-H members.  It is a State 4-H requirement that all Volunteers complete this process in order to be a Club or Project Leader.

Adult Kansas 4-H Volunteer Applicant Steps

  1. Create a Kansas 4HOnline account:  If your family already uses 4HOnline (https://ks.4honline.com/), login to your family account and add yourself as a new family member.  If your family has not used 4HOnline, you will need to create a new family account before creating an adult profile for yourself.   
  2. Complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation available through 4HOnline.  
  3. Let's chat!  After completing the 4HOnline Volunteer Orientation, notify the Extension Office.  We want to find a volunteer opportunity that best suites you, your availability and interests, so we will conduct a short interview.
  4. Upon completing the interview, we will provide information for the required online background check.
  5. The Executive Board will then review your file.
  6. Now, it’s time to start making a difference!

Volunteers are required to renew their volunteer commitments annually through the 4HOnline system.  Background checks will need to be renewed every three years.   

To view the Kansas State 4-H Office Volunteer Screening Resources page, click here.

If you are a Club or Project Leader, click here for more information.