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Marion County

4-H Club Seal Application

A Club Seal Application should be submitted at the end of each 4-H year (early October).


Ex: 2017-2018

Please type first and last name of each Club Leader.

Purple seal - All 12 items completed
Blue Seal - 10 to 11 items completed
Red Seal - 8 to 9 items completed
White Seal - 7 or fewer items completed

Please use the space below to list the accomplishments of your Club.  

This evaluation can either be done at Club Day OR with another club throughout the 4-H year (complete and turn in Club Meeting Evaluation Sign Up form).

Including parade float, window display during 4-H week, 4-H promotion at school, news-stories about 4-H, etc.

Club has members participate in two or more sections of club day.

Club has members participate in county, area, or state events/activities.

Including making a banner for the fair, hosting a hay-rack ride, organizing a club skate or swim party, etc