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Marion County

4-H Youth Development

4-H is a community of young people across Kansas engaged in learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. Caring adults that support our programs are essential for youth to achieve their potential based on the guidance, respect, skills, knowledge and wisdom adults can share.

4-H is a nationwide program. Each of the four H's of the clover represent ways youth can grow and develop,

  • Head - critical thinking and problem solving

  • Heart - self-discipline, integrity and communication

  • Hands - serving others

  • Health - choosing healthy lifestyle




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Contact the Marion County Extension Office at 620-382-2325 and register at https://www.4honline.com/ .

4-H Clubs

Goessel Goal Getters

Happy Hustlers (Marion)

Lincolnville Wide Awake

Peabody Achievers

South Cottonwood (Hillsboro)

Tampa Triple T's

*NEW Kansas 4-H Participant Code of Conduct