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Marion County

Extension Council

The Marion County Extension Council is comprised of 24 members that are elected to four Program Development Committees (PDC's): Agriculture, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Economic Development. The PDC identifies educational needs, develops extension programs, and assists with program evaluation.

Each year at the annual meeting nine members of the Extension Council are elected to serve on the Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of a chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, and five additional members. At least one member from each Program Development Committee is represented on the board. The Executive Board meets monthly to conduct the business of the Extension Office.

2017 Executive Board Members

Chairman: Jared Unrau

Vice Chairman: Bradley Vannocker

Secretary: Melissa Parmley

Treasurer: Michele Berens

Members: Monica Leihy, Debbie Regier, Kim Oborny, Laura Unrau, Becky Vannocker

2017 Program Development Committee Members

Agriculture and Natural Resources: Alan Boese, Steve Bartel, Josh Dirks, Ryan Peters, Jared Unrau, DeAlan Unrau

Family and Consumer Sciences: Deb Regier, Sheri Moody, Lesli Beery, Monica Leihy, Gayla Ratzloff, Becky Vannocker

4-H and Youth Development: Kim Oborny, Michele Berens, Brad Vannocker, Suzanne Meiler, Aileen Esau, Marsha Meyer

Economic Development: Laura Unrau, Melissa Parmley, Alan Black