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Marion County

4-H Forms

Record Books


Record Books are due at the beginning of every October.  A Record Book gives 4-H'ers a chance to show and tell what they have learned and accomplished throughout the 4-H year.  One Record Book should be completed for each project the member has signed up for.  

A COMPLETE Record Book must be turned in to your Club Leader, along with the County Champion Application Form, and the appropriate Pin Application.  Your Club Leader will review and give to the Extension Office for judging.  Winners of this judging will be recognized at the annual Achievement Banquet.  A complete Record Book consists of a Personal Page and the appropriate KAP Application.


Personal Page: 

The personal page will be the first page of your Project Book, and will be the same for each one you complete.  It is best to use a presentation folder or binder with a clear cover.  If this is not possible, please make sure your name, county, and the project area is on the cover of the book.

Word Version   PDF Version


Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) Applications:

4-Hers can apply to be a county project champion for one or more of the projects they are enrolled in. It is advised to only apply for those projects where more than average accomplishments have been made.  A COMPLETE Record Book consists of a personal page and COMPLETE KAP (including project specific stories and photos).

KAP Instructions


If you are a Junior Marion County 4-H member (age 7-10) use this form: Word Version   PDF Version

If you are an Intermediate Marion County 4-H member (age 11 - 13) use this form: Word Version  PDF Version

If you are a Senior Marion County 4-H Member (age 14 - 18) use this form: Word Version   PDF Version 


County Champion Application Form 

This form is to be completed and turned in with your Record Books.  


Pin Application Forms

Marion County 4-H has developed their own achievement pin applications. DO NOT use the forms from the State 4-H website! A Record Book is to be turned in to your Club Leader, along with the County Champion Application Form and appropriate Pin Application. 

To know what you must complete before applying, please view the Achievement Pin Requirements.

Membership Pin

Bronze Pin

Clover Pin

Emerald Pin

Silver Pin

Silver Guard

Leadership Pin

Gold Pin

Gold Guard


Key Award

The Key Award is the highest achievement award available in Kansas 4-H. The minimum age to apply for this award is sixteen years.  View and print this application here: Key Award Application.




The Kansas Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) is held each November for 4-H youth ages 14 - 19. The Marion County 4-H Council offers four half scholarships. The application is due October 10.

KYLF Scholarship Application

The 4-H Endowment Fund offers a total of $1,000 in college scholarship to Marion County 4-H members who meets certain criteria. The application is due April 1.

Marion County Development Fund Scholarship Application

There are many state 4H scholarships available. The application can be found at the following link.

2017 State 4H Scholarship Application

The Konley Harding memorial scholarship is a $1000 academic scholarship available to current or past 4-H Graduating Seniors in Marion, Dickinson, and Morris Counties

Konley Harding Memorial Scholarship