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Marion County

2018 Multi-County Club Day

Saturday, February 17, 2018
at Chisholm Middle School
(901 E. 1st St, Newton KS)




Schedule:  Time-specific schedules will not be posted. Participants are expected to sign up for a time to be judged (at the door of their performance room). Participants may begin signing up for performance times at 8:15 AM. Judging will begin at 8:45 AM.

Please make sure your Club has assigned Room Monitors from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM: 

South Cottonwood will be in charge of room #45

Happy Hustlers will be in charge of room #33

Goessel Goal Getters will be in charge of room #42

Lincolnville Wide-Awake will be in charge of room #20

Tampa Triple T's will be in charge of room #25

Peabody Achievers will be in charge of room #44. 


Location: Chisholm Middle School, 900 E 1st St, Newton, KS 67114 


Read these Guidelines (score sheets included)            

The following documents can aid you in preparing a public presentation for your club or at club day:

Talks Explained  - The difference between a project talk, an illustrated talk and a demonstration.

Presentation Overview

Project Talks

Illustrated Talks


Public Speaking

Presentation Brainstorming Activity

Effective Presentation Tips

Visual Aids


Photography Judging (Information under judging practice classes.)

Horticulture Judging  (Information to the right under downloads.)